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new crush lol. gspice is overrated :) we're all about bballboy now !! idk lol. he's cute ♥ unfortunately i would rather d word than pretend to enjoy basketball for an hour. i have a long a** essay to write and im gonna yell!!!!!! f*ck this, man. school is good tho, not like good good but nothing too awful. previously mentioned guys r completely unrelated so that's weird. saw my cousin last weekend at her school in allentown. dropped french bc holy crap so much work. but really you can't even know what i'm going thru... lol u see me ok coolio xoxo


that '90s show was good. i saw ginger spice on wednesday & he's still cute, unfortunately. lol. i think i was confusing two guys that i kept seeing for each other? they're probably related tbh but one of them is a cute lil frat boy (ok not little he's like seven feet tall) who's also into the internet???????? boy u better show up on monday or i stg. afaik i have no other life plans for a whileeee 0.o but we'll see. new taylor mv yesterday, new nhc song today, so a lotta stuff goin on. :p discord's apparently the new stan twt but more federated so like every fandom is p much separated into several servers depending on moderation etc. etc. idk lolz anyway does anyone rlly read this or is it just me talking to myself cuz idrk


apparently i just stopped writing on here oops. anyway. hi. second semester starts next week. that '90s show premieres thursday. i miss ginger spice. he just disappeared lowkey before the semester even ended lol. i guess he did all he had to. i am soooo exhausted. we went to philly yesterday and the day b4. my brother looked at some bball team.. my dog was sick but he's feelin better now. i'm so lonely DFGVHBJ


amy schneider's a super genius. i asked people questions about thanksgiving food. no new developments. okay, maybe? but also, no. unfortunately i'm pretty sure nobody in composition takes me seriously except for the one guy i think is sweet but not my type. also he has the same name as my mom's fiancé and i don't like how that feels lol. oh and i am a little obsessed with the song prom by courtship and i want to write a screenplay just to make it the theme song. is that weird??? ginger probably a jew cute but oblivious guy is really cute but XDCFGHV!!! he probably thinks i am insane. what do i have to do to find a jewish guy that i like that isn't either a self righteous asshole or totally not paying attention at all??? ugh.


i'm doing math and i am not having a good time. i want to go home lol. 22 minutes left lol. cardinal numbers? birds? what? i dunno man. :PPPPP


did some math work, had a burrito for lunch. last night abc's wednesday lineup came back so that was super funsies. lol. finally told off this annoying kid in my comp class. bro thinks he's the shit. he is not the shit. he is in college. i am trying to learn. it's not cool to act 12. and ofc he's racking up a fanbase. making the class laugh is one thing, distracting us from learning and listening to the prof is another. asshole.


played stardew valley w my friend alyssa today :) it crashed tho lol


sorry i missed yesterday lol. i had a nervous breakdown trying to solve multi-step mathematical equations for estimation because the instructions weren't clear... math f*cking sucks.


hsmtmts season 4 is going to be hsm3 based and meta as hell and also simon cowell said one direction is his favorite band he put together so good day


nothing much going on in the morning but today's the first chronicle meeting so yay i guess! p sure it's biweekly but imma have to check :p


feeling guilty for having a good day in new york on september 11th.